Want to survive inflation?Empower your team to work smarter — it doesn’t have to be hard

Don’t be a dinosaur of the business world. Create new efficient strategies to ensure the survival and prosperity of your company.

I would like to introduce a dinosaur-mammal analogy that my colleague Gabe Rogol, CEO of Demandbase, likes to use.

For a long time, dinosaurs ruled the earth as big, loud, and most dominant creatures. But then something changed — meteors and cataclysmic climate change — and suddenly they were no longer the most dominant. Instead, it was a new species (mammals) that survived and thrived in this changed world. why? Because they were more adaptable and flexible.

This is similar to what we have seen in business over the past five years. Until recently, the market appreciated the fastest growing, loudest companies and was happy to give them very high marks. Then came COVID, injecting even more money into the economy, amplifying the trend of ludicrous investments in growth.

As a result, all of these companies ended up sitting in multi-billion dollar valuations and incredibly costly structures that could have gone past alpha. , that is, inflation happened and everything changed.

So who will survive and thrive in this world? Again mammals, such as agile and lean tissue. Something that has an efficient cost structure and is growing, but in a rational and steady way. To be this type of company, the go-to-market (for example, the sales and marketing activities that the company uses to acquire, retain, and grow its customers) must be perfectly efficient.

Equip sales with automation and intelligence

The first step to increasing efficiency is enabling your sales team to sell more. This means fewer salespeople are needed to achieve the same goals. To generate more pipelines per SDR, sales development representatives (SDRs) need to be more efficient. Also, for this equation to work in the long run, the customer success team needs to retain more customers.

So how can you make your team more efficient when working with customers and prospects? The answer isn’t just to work harder. Because the reality is that most people already work hard. Instead, we must return to the old philosophy of working smarter. This means giving your team the account intelligence that makes work easier, more efficient, and more rewarding.

Account Intelligence takes existing data trapped in siled systems, cleans and organizes it, enriches it with rich third-party data containing behavioral insights, and makes sense of it with AI.

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