Bright Brain Accomplishes Mentoria’s Digital Marketing Mission

bright brain

Bright Brain helps Mentoria build a strong online presence and secure steady revenue growth, while providing services that increase revenue and visibility.

Bright Brain Marketing Technologies has acquired the digital marketing mission of Mentoria, a career guidance and mentorship platform. Under this partnership, the agency will use its digital marketing expertise to deliver services that increase brand revenue and visibility.

In addition, the agency will help Mentoria build a strong online presence and secure steady revenue growth. The company ensures that Mentoria’s customer acquisition increases through its content marketing, on-page, off-page SEO, and full-funnel advertising campaigns.

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Mentoria founder Nikhar Arora added: If I had to describe my relationship with the Bright Brain team and what they bring in. We have had over 20 pitches with him at different agencies and he’s only blown us away with one . This is Bright Brain. Business research, empathy, innovation and understanding were legendary. Their team is his CMO working with Mentoria’s marketing team to help scale up. Having a partner like this is every company’s dream, and if you’re looking for highly talented people to lead your marketing, Bright Brain is the place to be. “

Suhail Bajaj, CEO of Bright Brain, commented: Success after success, his Mentoria has helped many young people achieve their goals. I hope more people can witness the amazing work Mentoria does. I look forward to doing more great work with them.


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