Advertise Your Company Without A Marketer: Use Technology To Drive Growth

According to the latest CommBank Accounting Market Pulse report, it’s a “boom period” for accounting firms, with generally positive sentiment.Companies prioritizing investment digital technology is even more confident, reporting better financial performance and a brighter outlook.

These digital technology leaders are looking to invest more in new technology and marketing to drive their company’s growth. However, investing in marketing can be difficult, especially for smaller businesses that cannot justify adding headcount in this area.

A groundbreaking new collaboration between Wolters Kluwer CCH, a global leader in tax and accounting software and investigation solutions, and BOMA, a digital marketing platform, aims to help companies achieve this goal. . Use expert content and predictive intelligence from Wolters Kluwer CCH iQ integrated with BOMA Digital Marketing Platformaccounting firms can quickly share developments with their clients that directly impact them and easily disseminate content through digital marketing channels to promote their company and drive growth.

Quality Content Marketing Brings Revenue Opportunities

Sharing useful content (also known as content marketing) is a popular and powerful way to promote a company’s knowledge, expertise, and services. This includes creating and sharing content such as blogs, videos, or social media posts. It is designed to increase awareness and trust in the company as a brand and its various services. The content is typically informative, entertaining, and intended to provide value to your audience rather than being explicitly sales-focused. Good, timely content helps position a company as a sort he leader and industry expert, ultimately driving revenue opportunities.

However, creating quality expert content in real time requires time, substantial resources, and expertise well beyond those of typical small and medium-sized accounting firms. Sharing that content isn’t so easy either. The Wolters Kluwer CCH iQ and BOMA integration is designed to address this need.

Wolters Kluwer CCH iQ is an award-winning product that helps companies improve accounting by providing up-to-date tax news and analysis aligned with client profiles that may be impacted by these tax news and changes. Help create tax advisory opportunities for your office. Utilizing CCH iQ CCH Ainou Content is an in-house Australian based company with a reputation for providing the deepest industry insights that enable tax, accounting, audit, finance and legal departments to make critical business decisions. Written by CCH Tax Professionals. These are the same tax experts who author The CCH Australian Master Tax Guide, Australia’s tax bible.

Boma is a digital marketing platform that integrates all digital marketing content and channels for accounting firms. With BOMA, businesses can easily sync their contacts, use their existing library of expert content to create email marketing campaigns and social posts, or upload their own content.

A new collaboration between CCH iQ and BOMA allows businesses to access and share a selection of CCH iQ content via a premium content library. This is shared via BOMA’s powerful digital marketing platform. With BOMA, businesses can now easily market CCH’s premium content as their own database and followers through their channel of choice, including email, blog posts, and social media.

Trusted Intelligence for Accounting Firm Clients

The integration of Wolters Kluwer CCH iQ and BOMA provides an invaluable automated service for busy accounting firms looking to grow their business and nurture existing clients. We provide businesses with specific, coordinated, accurate information and real-time analysis on critical tax matters. This includes actionable news from federal or state governments, direct rulings and decisions from the ATO and courts, and unbiased, easy-to-understand tax law interpretations.

This significant business opportunity provides actionable and trusted business intelligence for all clients, from small businesses to multinational corporations, high net worth individuals and pension funds.

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Small investments are core business upgrades that enable important decisions. The cloud-based nature of the product adapts to your work practices, assists in customer retention, improves referral rates and higher growth.

As accountants continue to use technology to become more agile and influential, the cumulative impact on customer relationships will continue to grow. This is a great opportunity for accounting professionals around the world to explore new ways to use technology to improve their service and potential revenue.

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Advertise Your Company Without A Marketer: Use Technology To Drive Growth

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Last updated: August 9, 2022

Publication date: August 9, 2022

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