State Department of Health Expands Eligibility for Monkeypox Vaccine

This digitally colorized electron microscopy image shows monkeypox virus particles from a clinical sample. (CDC/Cynthia S. Goldsmith, Russell Regnery, Hannah Bullock)

The Alaska Department of Health has expanded eligibility for the monkeypox vaccine.

Anyone who believes they are at high risk of infection is eligible, the department announced Monday.

The vaccine was previously recommended only for people who have had monkeypox, gay or bisexual men, and transgender people who have had multiple or anonymous sexual partners in the past six months.

It is now available to anyone who self-identifies as being at high risk.

According to the state health department, this could include sex workers, certain health care workers, gay and bisexual men, and those who have intimate or domestic contact with transgender people who have multiple partners. I have.

Anyone interested in getting vaccinated should contact their local public health center or call the state helpline at 907-646-3322. In Anchorage, the vaccine is available at his Tikahtnu Commons clinic in his Fairweather.

As of Monday, the state has administered more than 450 doses. Alaska has reported five cases of him, four of them in Anchorage.

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