Endeavor Group Creates Omnichannel Marketing Capabilities

Joanne Rose

Joanne Rose

After establishing its own omnichannel marketing capabilities, Endeavor Group is looking for new marketing talent.

Known as Endeavor Marketing, this new capability is proposed as a centralized marketing team that will bring together the retailer’s internal digital media, creative studio, and customer insights capabilities into a centralized hub while working with existing brand teams. increase.

According to Endeavor Group, many new roles have emerged at different levels of brand marketing, digital marketing, media, planning and marketing analytics. Retailers also flag enhancing their data capabilities as a major focus.

“The creation of Endeavor Marketing was inspired by the group’s purpose of ‘creating a more social future together’. Establishing true omnichannel capabilities will enable us to put our customers at the center of our efforts to achieve this objective in a more engaging and meaningful way,” said Endeavor Group Chief Marketing Officer. One Joe Rose said.

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