Margaret Howell Spring Summer 2023 London Fashion Week Collection

This London Fashion Week, renowned British design house Margaret Howell continued to demonstrate the brand’s obsession with fit and materials with its new Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

This season, the Maison’s elegance is honed, combining everyday casual style with sophistication. While sophisticated tailoring remains the focal point of the collection, pieces also lean into non-traditional silhouettes, highlighting the comfort afforded by sportswear, which often underpins casual looks. . The designer sublimates one of his best-selling pants with a slim ski-pants inspiration, dark his pinstripe his wool pants made with an elastic waist and a t-shirt made of lightweight cotton. Made with Aided by more oversized aesthetics, such as the boxy bomber jacket. A zip-up hooded parka adds comfort to this season’s sportswear-inspired look.

Jersey vests are layered under knitwear, combining the Maison’s elegant styling notes with box ut knitwear, while cropped jackets emphasize layering. Especially in menswear, the emphasis is on heavier fabrics. The trousers are wide-cut and full-length and are meant to be worn as loose, low-rise pieces.The denim trousers utilize his Japanese workwear techniques, while the wool vest and knitted his sweaters are slouchy. I continue to look good. An olive and navy A-line jacket adds practicality, and the collection focuses on casual style.

In other fashion news, Percival offers a sober collection layering with the 22 FW.

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