Jill Fescher on Creating Your Own Job Description at a Digital Marketing Agency

Jill Fetcher

We spoke with Jill Fecher, Chief Growth Officer at Cypress North, about her career and previous experience in traditional media. She talked about how she joined Cypress Her North and why she joined the company. She likes working for a smaller company because it facilitates her greater speed and agility.

She joined Cypress North in a position that never existed, explained how she got there, and created her own job description. She makes decisions with her owners so they can “try things out and see what works,” Jill said.

We then talked about whether it was important to have a title at a small agency. She made some very good points about why titles matter at Cypress North. It’s important that company culture doesn’t get in the way of employee titles. He gave examples of how the owners do all sorts of work for the regular staff, from taking out the trash on Friday nights to building desks and chairs.My Search Engine Land News Some of you may notice that in the intro of the letter, when I sign my name, I give myself a unique title.

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