Post Production Coordinator Jobs, Forest Town, Johannesburg

position: forest town johannesburg
Remote work: Optional remote work
Job Level: mid
type: Permanence
Company: eden immersive

Job Description

Production Coordinator – 3D Animation Series

As the production coordinator, your role is to create the schedule, coordinate the creation and coordination of assets and deliverables, and track the overall high-level progress of the project. You will be the central figure in coordinating deadlines, resources, feedback, budgets, and allocating and distributing work.

  • Work with key teams to understand and define the overall project vision and requirements.
  • Responsible for planning project scope for assets and deliverables (characters, environments, audio, actors, creatives, etc.) and creating production schedules.
  • Meet regularly with team members to assign tasks, discuss progress, communicate milestones, prioritize deliverables, and collect and record feedback.
  • Project Management: Track and maintain production schedules. Perform risk assessments and strategy adjustments.
  • It helps your team work efficiently and provides support to procure additional resources when needed.
  • Organize approvals and feedback and keep chief creative updated on progress and issues.

Full-time or freelance, remote work.


  • Good knowledge of the post-production process and a minimum of 2 years of experience.
  • Understand the production and post-production process.
  • I understand the 3D animation workflow.
  • A degree in film and television production and/or project management.
  • English proficiency required.

Posted at 13:05 on August 22nd, deadline on October 21st

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