Hawaii Visitors and Residents Enjoy Better Health, Study Finds

Study Shows Hawaii Visitors And Residents Enjoy Health Benefits

Living in Hawaii is something many travelers have been thinking about for years. If you need another reason to vacation in Hawaii, here you go.

The annual United Health Foundation survey ranks Hawaii as the healthiest state in the last 28 years. Opportunities for an active lifestyle and an overall healthy healthcare system are among the reasons cited in the research.

Vacationing in Hawaii also benefits visitors’ health.

Hawaii vacations may be healthier than we thought. Hawaii may not have the Fountain of Youth in sight, but you might be headed in the right direction. This is according to the Travel Survey of the World Commission on Aging published just before Covid.

▷ More and more people are choosing to travel for their health.
▷ People who travel live healthier and longer lives than those who do not.
▷ Women who do not travel have a higher risk of heart disease than women who travel frequently.
▷ Men who travel do better than those who do not.
▷ Those who travel say they are happier than those who do not.

9 secrets of a healthy Hawaii vacation.

1. Travel in the off-season. Fewer visitors means a better experience and more relaxing. Also, the beach is less crowded. Optimal dates are from now for him until early December and after spring break for him until early June.

2. Enjoy Hawaii’s great walks. From places like Honolulu’s Ala Wai Canal, to the 8-mile stretch of oceanfront Kauai Pass to Maui’s Wailea Beach Walk. Can it get better than that?

3. get in, on, or near waterRide an outrigger canoe, swim, snorkel, surf and play. These are a great way to burn calories and get in shape during your Hawaii vacation. And just being near water is good for your health. Negative ions are found in very high concentrations near the ocean. These are said to pass through skin cells and lungs.

Four. hiking HawaiiEpic hikes of all intensities await you. From Diamond Head to Koko Head on Oahu, Alakai Wetlands, Na Pali Coast, and other great hikes on Kauai, the options are nearly endless. Also Pololu Valley, Waipio Valley and Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii. Maui has many options, including Iao Valley State Park, the Pipiwai Trail, and Waimoku Falls in Haleakala National Park.

Five. come preparedStarting an intense exercise program while on vacation is never a great idea. I have seen the results and they are not good. Start before you leave and make it a fun part of the travel planning process. We think it’s just as much fun as the trip itself. Don’t let your vacation in Hawaii be ruined. Be prepared and stay out of trouble.

6. eat wellHealthier options are becoming more and more popular in Hawaii.

7. avoid dehydrationThe trade winds and balmy sea temperatures give the impression that you don’t need much water. The truth is that you do.

8. Spectacular Hawaiian Sunsets and SunrisesOther health benefits come from Hawaii’s natural beauty.

9. Come back happier and healthier than you left.

Living in Hawaii | Health Goods and Bads.

Hawaii’s health strengths include:

  • Low incidence of multiple chronic diseases
  • Less likely to avoid medical care due to cost
  • Declining obesity rates
  • decrease in smokers
  • Low uninsured rate
  • lack of children in poverty
  • fewer disparities in health status
  • Reduction in preventable hospitalizations
  • good public health funds
  • fewer deaths from cancer
  • less violent crime
  • quality dentistry

Our challenges are:

  • Widespread lack of adequate sleep
  • alcohol abuse
  • low high school graduation rate
  • high rate of low birth weight babies
  • high rate of salmonella infection
  • low vaccination coverage

You can read the Hawaii Health Assessment.

Why Hawaii has the highest life expectancy in America

It’s not too hard to imagine that what benefits vacationers to Hawaii will benefit Hawaii residents year-round for a lifetime. We agree with these findings because it’s low, has good weather all year round, and is usually less stressful.

So while all states saw a decline in this sector during Covid, Hawaii had the most decline. Across the United States, life expectancy dropped 1.8 years for him to age 77. On the other hand, life expectancy in Hawaii declined slightly from 0.2 years to 80.7 years, the longest life expectancy in the nation.

Following Hawaii, WA, MN, CA, and MA topped the list. Mississippi had the lowest number at 71.9 years. Women also live longer in every state.

Read the study below and share your opinion.


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