Emory Healthcare moves to new system-wide electronic medical records to improve patient experience and care

Emory Healthcare will transition from Cerner’s electronic medical records to Epic’s integrated, comprehensive healthcare software starting October 1, 2022. With this advancement, patients can expect an enhanced patient experience and care team members will be better integrated and coordinated services. the entire healthcare system.

Emory Healthcare’s long-standing relationship with Cerner has been productive and well-served for patients and the community. Moving to Epic will allow the healthcare system to connect hospitals and clinics on her one unified, modern platform. This drives quality improvements, supports best-in-class patient experiences, and improves the electronic health record (EHR) experience for her members of the healthcare team. Working with Epic will also enhance her Emory Healthcare’s ability to seamlessly share patient records and treatment information within Emory locations and across organizations, while providing the best self-service options for patients.

Dane Peterson, interim CEO, current president and COO of Emory Healthcare, said: “We believe that having all our entities on one integrated platform of hers will bring great value. We will remain at the center of the decision.”

The Epic EHR replaces many standalone software systems in healthcare systems as well as traditional emergency and ambulatory billing systems. Moving to one integrated system also accelerates improvements in scheduling, enrollment, and pre-authentication across the enterprise. A patient can access his MyChart patient portal. Here you can electronically check-in for appointments, request refills, message your healthcare provider, and access your self-schedule.

Emory Healthcare Chief Information Officer Sheila Sanders said: “Epic is a leading her developer of comprehensive healthcare software, used in numerous academic medical centers around the world.”

In the October opening month, patients can be confident that the Emory Healthcare team will continue to deliver patient care to the same excellent standard. Patient safety and health are the organization’s top priorities. Care teams continue to have full access to patient data during the change.

Emory Healthcare patients are encouraged to visit the Epic Resource Center to learn how to sign up for the MyChart patient portal and what to expect with this change.

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