Superintendent should resign, governor should appoint state superintendent


Lansing Republicans on Tuesday channeled their anger after the state school principal defended a training program to help teachers work with LGBTQ students.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon held an event in front of the Michigan Department of Education office building, and the Republican-controlled Senate passed a resolution condemning public education superintendent Michael Rice.

“There are many good teachers who just want to help children learn,” Dixon said. is.”

Their main complaint is Rice’s defense of a training video that suggests teachers should keep their students’ gender identities private from parents. That is when students may face abuse, neglect, or homelessness.

But that’s not their job, said Dixon, who asked Rice to resign.

“We prohibit school officials from talking to young children about sex or gender behind the back of their parents,” she said.

Dixon also said he would support an amendment to the Michigan Constitution to give the governor the power to appoint a superintendent of schools. is included.

Changing this would require a statewide vote to amend the state constitution.

A spokesman said Rice would not resign.

“Dr. Rice remains committed to working with parents and educators across the state to protect the health, well-being, and education of all Michigan students. I have no plans to resign,” said Martin Ackley of the Michigan Department of Education.

Almost simultaneously with Dixon’s remarks, Senate Republicans called for a vote on a resolution to punish Rice.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Sharkey, who sponsored the resolution, said, “This is a wake-up call and concern to all parents in this state.

“No parent is perfect, but Democratic bureaucrats shouldn’t be advising teachers to withhold information about their students’ well-being from their own parents.”

But Democrat Sen. Mallory McMorrow said the resolution would only add to the isolation many LGBTQ students feel.

“This is aimed at a group of children who are already at high risk for anxiety, suicide and depression, saying over and over again that only the LGBTQ community, these kids, are the problem.” she said.

Senate resolutions are non-binding and do not create official state policy.

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