Controversial School Board Vote on Title IX Changes

Today, the Ohio Board of Education submitted a resolution to oppose the federal Title IX changes.

The Ohio Board of Education’s proposal has some concerned about discrimination in schools.

In June, President Joe Biden announced new Title IX changes that include protections for the LGBTQ community from being discriminated against because of their sexual orientation or sexual expression.

A resolution submitted to the school board today opposes these changes.

Teachers, parents, counselors, and others attended one board meeting after another, concerned about the proposal to be voted on by the Ohio Board of Education.

“Our school should be a safe place for all children, regardless of orientation or presentation,” one said.

Another counselor said, “LGBTQ students are not the main threat the resolution claims. They are children and I cannot stress this enough.”

This proposal argues that gender is not “assigned” but a fact that cannot be changed.

If passed, it would uphold the lawsuit filed by Attorney General David Yost and other attorneys general against federal regulations. Amendments introduced by the president could affect the impact federally-funded schools receive, including lunch funding.

At a board meeting, sponsor Brendan Shea said the board’s resolution is to stand up to “bullies” who threaten to take lunch money from schools if they don’t comply.

He also sent letters to federally funded schools urging school districts to defy federal policy.

Also, educators should notify parents if a child requests to be addressed by a different pronoun or name.

“Students generally know which teachers are inclusive or not and can approach them. We legally rule out that option. They don’t understand.” They say what they want to say to their teachers and are thereby expelled,” said Joseph. Wood, Toledo’s Equality Secretary, said:

Wood also said it could do more harm than good to students and hoped the board would take in the views of the community.

Shea says women lose protection from men in bathrooms and are concerned about men’s access to women’s bathrooms and changing rooms.

He added that girls would lose out on scholarships and other sports opportunities because boys have the ability to compete with girls.

“I’m not putting this at the feet of transgender youth,” Shay said. “I’m putting this at the feet of adults who are imposing these policies and regulations.” …and contribute to the recruitment and grooming of the movement that is taking our youth and nation by storm.”

The amendment could be voted on at next month’s school board meeting.

WTOL-11 reached out directly to Brendan Shea for comment, but he was on board for several hours. If he responds to our request for comment, we will include it here.

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