State Education Leaders, Local Schools Update COVID-19 Policy

Columbia, Missouri (KMIZ)

Gone are the days when elementary school students were required to wear masks.

However, schools still need to adopt policies to deal with COVID-19 transmission.

With most public schools either resuming classes or preparing to resume classes soon, Missouri education officials released updated guidance for schools this week.

This change follows new recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Government agencies are easing guidance amid vaccination and increased levels of immunity from previous infections with coronavirus.

Among the changes identified by the CDC are the end of quarantine recommendations and changes to mask guidance. The CDC still recommends that children and teachers get vaccinated and stay home when sick. Authorities also recommend that schools have good ventilation.

The state government plans to make rapid antigen testing available again in schools.

ABC 17 News has confirmed that certain school districts in Central Missouri are updating their COVID-19 policies. The updated policy posted online is linked below.

City of Jefferson: The City of Jefferson maintains a tiered COVID-19 policy with mitigation measures based on the number of community infections and hospitalizations. A more rigorous protocol can be drilled down to the classroom level.

South Boone: Southern Boone School District updated its COVID-19 plan on August 15. Among the points in the plan is that school districts are not responsible for quarantining close contacts. Positive cases should be quarantined for 5 days.

mexican school district: Mexico updated its plans in June. It includes a COVID-19 symptom checklist outlining steps to take if a student becomes infected.

Sedalia School District: Sedalia updated its plans in July. It includes a section on what the district is doing to support mental health resources for students.

Hallsville School District: The Hallsville Board of Education approved the district plan on August 17th. It includes a reminder that the USDA’s universal free lunch program has ended and an overview of what infected students and staff should do, regardless of whether they have symptoms.

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