South Dakota Board of Education Standards Postpones Meeting

The South Dakota Board of Education Standards will be held Monday morning, November 15, 2021 at Carnegie City Hall. From left to right: Executive Director Julie Westra, Executive Director Phyllis Heinemann, Senior Secretary Fern Haddock, Executive Director Jacqueline Sly, Secretary of Education Tiffany Sanderson, Executive Vice President Becky Gaffin, Executive Director Terry Nevelcic, Linda Olsen. director. Board member Steve Willard attended via Zoom, so no photos are available.

The Department of Education announced Friday that a school board standards meeting originally scheduled for Monday will be postponed.

According to the DOE, a new conference date will be announced soon. The meeting is adjourned to “confirm the submitted comments.”

Monday’s meeting was scheduled to include a public hearing to consider adopting and amending a proposed rule prohibiting the adoption of content standards that foster an inherently fragmented notion.

These rules are intended to comply with Governor Christy Noem’s Executive Order 2022-02. The executive order comes after a bill banning “divisive concepts” in K-12 education was defeated in Congress in the spring. A similar bill was passed for higher education.

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