Seeking New Director for Pueblo D60 School Board

Pueblo School District 60 began looking for a school board director following the resignation of Matthew Crunswick.

Crunswick was elected as one of five Board members on the Pueblo D60 Board in November 2021. After accepting an out-of-state job, he submitted his resignation effective July 31, according to a statement read by Pueblo D60 School Board Chairman Margaret Wright at the August 11 meeting.

Previous interviews to appoint board members were conducted behind closed doors by a committee of two board directors and the district superintendent, but the district has elected to conduct the selection process differently this year. Did.

According to the Pueblo D60 website, eligible applicants will be interviewed by all four current directors during a public meeting, and vacant director candidates will be interviewed by the Board of Education on “or sooner” October 10. increase.

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