Holman and Orbee Deliver Data Intelligence and Digital Marketing…

Martech Outlook | Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Orbee’s proprietary technology provides automotive retailers with data intelligence and a digital marketing platform from a single source, enabling dealers to deliver a truly personalized customer experience.

Fremont, California: Digital marketing is essential because it connects businesses and customers online and is effective in all industries. We connect businesses with their ideal customers on Google through SEO and PPC, on social media through social media marketing, and on email through email marketing. Holman, a global automotive service provider, has invested its venture capital arm in Orbee, a leading data management, marketing analytics and automation solutions provider. Orbee’s revolutionary digital he marketing platform provides auto dealers with in-depth consumer insights and analytics, enabling users to better understand customer behavior and deliver engaging shopping experiences .

“Our relationship with Orbee began as a customer as we sought opportunities to further strengthen our ability to deliver an intuitive, personalized and seamless customer experience across Holman’s family of distributors.” It quickly became apparent that these technologies could optimize and simplify customer engagement efforts through the research, purchase and after-sales phases, making working with Orbee as a strategic capital investment the next step. It’s a natural step for us, and we’re pleased to support the company’s continued growth.”

Orbee’s proprietary technology provides a fully integrated set of digital marketing tools that enable users to leverage unmatched data intelligence to optimize campaigns and personalize each customer’s buying experience. This robust centralized platform also enables automotive retailers to streamline their technology stack, enhance CRM capabilities, integrate with other critical dealer systems, and synchronize behavioral data across dealer groups.

Orbees’ technology not only provides a more personalized shopping experience, but also enables auto dealers to improve marketing and customer communication through a variety of automated processes. Orbee also has patent-pending technology that allows dealers to take back control of their data. This makes it easier to comply with today’s stringent data security and consumer privacy regulations, as well as even more stringent regulations in the future.

Atul Patel, Orbee co-founder and CEO, said: “Holman has embraced the use of digital marketing technology to reach new levels of customer experience, which is why we have valued our collaboration with Holman as a positive customer. We are delighted that you are investing in our vision to help accelerate the way consumer behavior and expectations evolve.”

“The way consumers buy cars and auto services has changed dramatically over the past few years. “We believe that this truly unique platform has great potential in the rapidly evolving automotive industry and Orbee is an innovative We were looking forward to working with Orbee as we continue to introduce our advanced technology to dealers nationwide.”

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