Fashion mistakes that prove you’re an Italian tourist

The biggest fashion mistake you can make in Italy, or really anywhere, is wearing socks and sandals.

Italians are famous for fashion. It is an integral part of Italian culture. The idea of ​​’la bella figura’ literally translates to ‘beautiful figure’, but it actually means dressing to look attractive and make a good impression – Italians have been slapped from a young age. It is

Needless to say, Italy is one of the leading countries for fashion design. By now I’m sure you get it: Italy is a seriously fashionable place.

And there’s nothing worse than looking like an ignorant tourist, so if you’re heading off to Italy (or Sydney’s Little Italy) soon, you don’t want to make a fashion blunder. It’s from

Watch: This TikTok shows fashion mistakes only tourists make in Italy…

Case in point: A recent TikTok showed the worst fashion mistake that can happen in the country that invented the holy grail of pizza and pasta: wearing socks with sandals.

User @whatviceats posted a video with the caption “help me”. A video of a man wearing a rather snappy ensemble, but the footage zooms in on his feet. The man is wearing socks and sandals, and the text “POV: You are taking your British friend to Italy” appears on the screen.

Singer Justin Bieber has worn socks and sandals several times.Image Credit: Splash News

One user immediately commented, “It’s not socks or sandals,” while another wrote that waist bags are also considered a fashion mistake often made by tourists.

Of course, socks and sandals have long been a controversial fashion combination in almost every country. If you want to avoid ridicule while traveling (or in your daily life in general), we advise you to steer carefully.

But if you’re willing to take a little bit of failing—that is, if your friends can make a TikTok like the one above about you—we say, go Broken King. If you can lock your socks and sandals, so can you.

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