Changing economic climate raises concerns over family mental health

San Antonio – Haven for Hope staff encounter people in the worst of circumstances, said David Hewitt, vice president of Transformation Services.

A major focus is on training and educating staff to detect and intervene in client and own crises.

“We do suicide prevention training, and we have mental health days that our clients and staff can attend anytime,” Hewitt explained. “All of our staff have undergone de-escalation training and crisis intervention training. We know many clients face trauma. , we want to make sure that we are not creating a punitive environment, that we can pay attention to and intervene in those experiencing crisis or disruption…help, not punishment.”

The changing economic climate can push different groups of people and families to seek help, which can sometimes hit people hard.

“I think you see the stress. Parents can’t afford rent from their kids, they haven’t been to school in years, family instability, sleeping on different couches, It’s generational stress, like moving from hotel to hotel.”

Last week, a paramedic was summoned to campus for a suicide attempt, but due to its sensitive nature it usually doesn’t make the news. However, the emphasis is on educating everyone on the resources available.

Anyone needing help can call or text the National Suicide Prevention and Crisis Lifeline (988) for confidential assistance.

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