Fashion Icons Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn Judge New Season of ‘Making the Cut’ and Discuss Kim K’s Marilyn Moments

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Amazon fashion competition show make a cut 3rd season on Friday and serve as host/jury Tim Gunn When Heidi Klum I caught up with ABC Audio on what to expect this time.

They also spilled the tea about Kim Kardashian marilyn monroe A moment at the Met Gala.

The third season was filmed with somewhat relaxed COVID-19 protocols compared to the second season, but still valid, Heidi said. “We still haven’t been able to travel or, you know, Tim and I haven’t been able to do all the fun things together because … without anyone testing positive, all Because I wanted to get through the taping day.”

However, Gunn says Protocol “absolutely” influenced the creative process for the third season.

“I love constraints, because they force you to…be more creative. I used to tell my students, ‘There is nothing less exciting than a blank canvas.'” . ”

Heidi says the third thing make a cut“Keeping it fresh are these wonderful people we find from all over the world, who bring flavors from their own countries…they always keep it new and fresh every season.”

Considering the pair are fashion experts and judges, some say ABC Audio did some damage by wearing the vintage Marilyn Monroe dress Kim wore at the Met Gala. increase.

“It’s only four minutes,” Gunn said sarcastically.

Heidi said: I was like, ‘She really did it. She didn’t just wear a wig. did.

Gunn was less empathetic. “It was a publicity stunt that went wrong,” he said bluntly.

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