Digital Marketing; GWI Digital Snapshot Report 2022 Part 3

Unpack for brands, publishers or users. This continues to evolve and this is very evident in this report.

Live streaming, podcasts, storytelling.

Its authenticity and the opportunity to connect with people as a brand cannot be underestimated. You have to deliver sophistication, you can deliver sophistication, you can do live, you can do all sorts of things. For us marketers, it feels like an incredible value in terms of access and reach. This report covers the number of people participating in vlogs and even live streaming. We also have similar insights on the number of people using video as a source of learning, including live streams.

I encourage you to dive into this report if you want to understand this business case a bit more, but from a learning standpoint I recommend jumping in or trying it out if it’s not data driven. Work for your business and your audience. There are many SMEs in Tanzania that use Facebook and Instagram to promote their business, and most of them, with knowledge of this data, will be able to identify which platforms will appeal to clients and the right clients. Business acumen on what to reach can help them a lot. .

Think about your favorite movie! For me, I’d say the Matrix (it’s the classic architecture of cinema), when you look at all the trilogies that have nearly ten hours of running time. If so, I won’t do it. Have you seen it 100 times already? Yes you can at any time. If your content is compelling and adds value, people will definitely come back. If it’s a boring or meaningless promotional piece, it’ll be partially viewed, clicked on, and never seen again because there are so many choices of content to display. You don’t have to repeat this, but ask yourself if it’s worth watching over and over again. If not I’ll leave it at that, but if the next question comes to mind, how can I evolve it just a little? of merchandise whose stories can be packaged for different audiences at different times. Think of it like a fantasy movie called Harry Potter that most of us have seen. The real advice there is, try not to repeat yourself over and over again in a way that doesn’t allow your storytelling to evolve. You can do it, but it’s a better way to use your budget to get better results.

Growth of social media platforms

The reality is that all of these different experiences have different values, and people come back to them the same way they come back to things like Snap Chat and Twitter. Users always have strong opinions and they always voice them, but behind them are very sincere statements that we need to hear. Because they value it and want multiple experiences, marketers avoid trying to create the same or boring content for their audience.

Tik-Tok continues to grow through data, and its ads now reach 1 billion adults per month, which is about 23% of adults outside of China, which is huge. What is interesting is the amount of time a user spends on his Tik. -Tok is like his 24 hours a month and he spends a lot of time on the platform if you think about it basically. By contrast, other people spend about 118 hours per month on Instagram. Exactly. So when you put the numbers together and contrast each platform, you can see that people actually spend more time on Tik-Tok, and more money and time is spent on Tik-Tok.

Usage vs Affinity vs Behavior

What this report also reveals is that people prefer Instagram. When asked what her favorite platform is, more often than not, the female under 34 said 42% said Instagram and 18% just her Tik-Tok. So what does this really mean for brands on all these platforms and how do you balance usage, reach and affinity?

The simplest advice is to try everything for your audience first and see the results. As a marketer, it’s the only way to decide which of these platforms is best for your brand. Don’t think there’s a magic answer, because the same team from campaign to campaign will have different results on different platforms. And even if you make sure that Tik-Tokor Instagram is performing well, your heart will be forever restless. So play around with it for your audience and see what works best.

So let’s take a quick look at the data from the AI ​​that used to be called Apani. They are looking forward to tracking trends in his app on mobile. Like I said earlier, he spends almost one day a month on Tik-Tok, but in a month he spends one day on YouTube, 19 or 20 hours on Facebook, and 11.5 hours on Instagram. spent. So, if you ask people how much time they spend on social media on average each day, GWI research says it’s 2.5 hours per day per user, and that’s spread across all platforms.

What do you think? Are you an active user?

to be continued…

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