Constant Contact Launches SMS Marketing

Innovative new features are a direct result of customer feedback and help small businesses build customer relationships beyond email

Waltham, Massachusetts, August 17, 2022 /PR Newswire/ — constant contactis the digital marketing platform trusted by millions of small businesses and nonprofits, today sms marketingis a new feature that helps small businesses leverage text message campaigns to reach, engage, and retain customers. This new feature was developed to help Constant Contact customers strengthen customer relationships by making it easier for them to communicate through their preferred channels.

In an increasingly mobile-first world, constant contact research It shows that more than half of consumers would consider a purchase after receiving a text message from a small business. SMS Marketing helps Constant Contact customers capitalize on their intent by enabling them to quickly create, personalize, and send text message campaigns.

Popular features such as character counters and link shorteners are built directly into the SMS functionality to provide an enjoyable user experience and reduce friction associated with launching new campaigns. Businesses also receive a unique phone number that includes a local area code (10DLC) from which they can send texts. This builds trust with consumers and significantly improves message delivery rates. Constant Contact also helps her SMS marketing process, as well as getting consent from her SMS customers before they start sending her SMS messages.

“Our customers needed a way to reach consumers via text, so we took their feedback and designed an innovative tool that feels like a natural extension of the Constant Contact experience.” said. Ben Kaplan, Vice President of Products for Constant Contact. “Since SMS Marketing is directly integrated into the platform, it becomes incredibly easy for customers in all industries to start leveraging text messages in combination with other marketing: email marketing, social media posts, Whether you’re hosting an event, selling online, or anything else, SMS makes our platform a more robust and trusted place for small businesses to handle all their digital marketing.”

“We are always striving to be more accessible to our customers, and we have noticed that many customers are open to communicating with us via text even if they can’t call or stop by the store. .” Mary Ginderco-owner Gindo’s Spice of Life“Creating text campaigns with Constant Contact is quick and easy, and we’re thrilled that it gives us another way to strengthen customer relationships and grow our business.”

Constant Contact customers using SMS Marketing also benefit from:

  • automatic trigger – Similar to email automation, SMS marketing leverages behavior-driven triggers to enable small businesses to automate SMS messages for use cases such as welcome texts and drip campaigns.
  • Insightful reports – SMS marketing users will be able to use key features to help SMS marketing users measure the success of their campaigns by highlighting the text messages delivered, the types of content that generated clicks, and the content that drove customers to unsubscribe. indicators are available. Additionally, users can access revenue data to understand which messages spur customer purchases.
  • Lead generation landing page – Users can easily create custom website landing pages designed to help generate new business and encourage customers to sign up for SMS messages.
  • SMS signup email template – Customers can grow their subscriber list by leveraging customizable email templates to encourage Constant Contact email subscribers to also opt-in to SMS messages.

constant contacts sms marketing In the US, it is immediately available as an add-on to the Constant Contact package for current customers and anyone starting a new free trial.Introductory price from lowest $5 Includes up to 500 text messages for a limited time each month.

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