New case study reveals traditional digital marketing strategies cost twice as much as they should

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Stop wasting money on FB ads No more wasting time on social media that only converts 1% of your traffic

UNITED STATES, Sept. 21, 2022 / — After spending the past three years researching social media marketing, SEO trends, and rising ad spend on Facebook and Google, Jennifer Neal has taught us: This is because digital marketers are really fighting the system and the costs are increasing.

By: Ceremony Completed | Meridian, Idaho

Sep 15, 2022 – Jennifer not only uncovers these trends, but also teaches simple tweaks you can use to make your content more effective and reduce your ad spend. Introducing Content Connection Academy.

The Content Connection Academy is an online program designed to give you step-by-step instructions on how to reactivate old content you’ve already created (or newly created), attract qualified leads, and ultimately generate revenue. You don’t have to spend all your time on expensive advertising, clever tricks, or social media. and fast. This is something you can do on weekends.

“The way we (as digital marketers) have been taught how to market is actually hurting our results!” -Jen Neal.

Can you really get twice as many leads for half the price? Yes. It begins with Traffic Trifecta, the basis of the three-part structure. In short this is it.

Social Media Marketing – Most people say it’s dead and organic marketing doesn’t work. Unless you’re a nuisance spamming a message to everyone you’ve befriended, it’s not dead. you have to play together. Then, like magic, your content grabs attention. The key is to align your content with what users do in your channel: connect, inspire, entertain, learn, and more.
Search Marketing – Most digital marketers don’t pay attention to SEO. Also, prospects are smart. They are search professionals. If you’re not getting results, you’re missing an opportunity. I’m not advocating for his perfect SEO strategy for every business, but I can tell you that just a few tweaks to the content you’re already creating can make a world of difference.
Paid Traffic (Advertising) – This is where most marketers go straight to. Meta (Facebook) ads typically convert around 1% or less of their traffic. That number seems insane. The Content Connection Academy official shows you how to create your own ads for much lower costs and much better results.

Yes, social ubiquity is important. Advertising is important. The same goes for search engine results. The problem is that algorithms hide the content and treat it like spam because they have been taught to treat them differently.

“After losing over $33,000 on Facebook ads, we decided we needed a better way. After much research and testing, we created Content Connection Academy.” – Jen Neal

Instead, you can make some simple tweaks to how you create and share content. Suddenly, you’re tinkering with algorithms to save time, cut costs, and increase revenue.Learn more at or


Jennifer Neal is the owner of DBA Formula Done at Kane & Associates, LLC, a content activation agency based in Meridian, Idaho. They are a full-service boutique agency providing DIY and Done-For-You social media marketing and ad management (Meta, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest) for small business owners in the online marketing space.

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