Career Focused Fashion Show for Students – Roar of the Lions

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Kaitlyn Kepler

Models perform their final strong across the catwalk after wrapping up this year’s Career Style fashion show.

The ELITE Women organization held its 4th Annual Career Style Fashion Show on Wednesday, September 21st at 7pm at the Student Union Ballroom.

elite women’s Its mission is to create networks of women to improve knowledge sharing, provide personal and professional development resources, and promote excellence in all aspects of life through effective methods of mentoring and leadership. It is to develop

Jayla Breaux, president of the organization, said: This organization focuses on empowerment, mentorship and networking. Events we host cover one or more of these aspects. ”

The show was designed to showcase the appropriate attire to wear for any professional occasion. Models showed off a variety of looks for career fairs, interviews, banquets, date nights, proper class wear and more. did.

The models were all volunteers and were asked to text two photos in advance for approval of the outfit they were going to model.

Vice President Yasmin Smith said:The clothes on display are from the model’s personal wardrobe. Costumes will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and the Events Committee to determine if they are included in the lineup. ”

Before the show began, the audience was presented with professionalism-based trivia to boost morale.

During the break, Flipside Dance performed a routine while the models changed to the last two categories.

After the show ended, the audience was asked to vote for their favorite category and favorite model in each category. For contact details of the ELITE Women organization, [email protected] Follow us on Instagram @elitewomenslu.

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