Agency Revolution Appoints Jason Walker as President

This appointment completes Agency Revolution’s executive leadership team and strengthens its role as the insurance industry leader in end-to-end marketing solutions.

San Diego, September 22, 2022 /PR Newswire/ — agency revolutionis a leading provider of digital marketing solutions for the insurance industry and recently announced the following appointments: Jason Walker as president. Walker brings to this role a wealth of knowledge and experience in his leadership of insurance, marketing, and technology sorts, and his Revolutionary position as a marketer for insurtech and insurance agency marketing. They are directly aligned.

Before joining Agency Revolution, Walker led Agency Insurtech, consulting with insurance experts and leading telecom operators to balance emotional and artificial intelligence for a better consumer experience. Also, for over a decade, he has built digital he marketing and technology companies in the insurance and financial services sectors such as Smart He Harbor. Winner of the Smart 50 Award for Innovation, Impact and Sustainability, Walker has delivered talks and workshops for prominent insurance companies and associations and has published numerous articles in industry publications.

“Insurance agents want simple, practical tools that support the entire customer lifecycle.” Walker said. “Agency Revolution provides websites that educate and convert prospects and marketing automation that humanizes communications through customized messaging powered by management systems. is our responsibility and we will continue to provide the best solutions we have to offer.Agents have the upper hand.”

Walker joins a dynamic group of individuals to complete Agency Revolution’s executive leadership team.

  • Vice President of SalesDave Morton His years of experience and promotion at Agency Revolution allow him to serve as a trusted advisor. Morton leads the team to proliferate digital tools to attract, convert and retain more policyholders for their clients.
  • Vice President of OperationsMonica Barakette It recently joined the ranks with Agency Revolution’s acquisition of Forge3. Baraket will oversee the operations of the marketing automation platform. Fuse™ Innovative Forge3 active agency website platform. Forge3’s legacy is friendly service, high Net Promoter Scores and a positive employee culture. Baraket brings these values ​​to Agency Revolution.
  • Vice President of MarketingCliff Snyder He brings extensive expertise as a marketing thought leader focused on SaaS offerings. Mr. Snyder is dedicated to helping high-growth startups scale through his Demand Marketing, Accounts-Based Marketing, Cutting-Edge Latest Martech, His Management, and Agencies in his Revolution pipeline. As a steward, he will contribute to the business and work hard for his business partners.

About the agency revolution

agency revolutionis an FMG company and has been serving the insurance industry for over 25 years. This marketing platform helps independent insurance agents and brokers automate communications, build deeper and more meaningful customer relationships, and grow their agents and brokers. From professionally designed websites backed by an award-winning content library to a collection of marketing, communication, and relationship-building tools, Agency Revolution empowers modern insurance agents to do and grow their business. We provide services and solutions to move your way forward. learn more.

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