Virginia’s Anthem BCBS Selects Confidant Health for Mental Health/Substance Use Support

Virginia’s Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is partnering with high-tech behavioral health provider Confidant Health for addiction treatment services, the companies announced Wednesday.

Bethel, Connecticut confidant health offers a range of services for mental health and substance use disorders, including medication management, therapy, counseling, health and recovery coaching, and group support through its app. In a partnership with Virginia’s Anthem BCBS, the company is starting with members with opioid use disorders but offering a full service, says Sam, chief quality officer and co-founder of his Confidant Health. Arsenault Wilson said.

This is especially important for closing treatment gaps for a given substance use 97.5% Ninety percent of people with untreated substance use disorders don’t feel they need ‘treatment,'” Wilson said.

Virginia saw a 42% increase in deaths from opioids in 2020. news releaseDeaths from drug addiction increased by 22% in the first half of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020.

Added by Wilson The service is particularly useful for people who cannot receive in-person care due to transportation, childcare, or other challenges.

Members may be referred to Confidant Health directly by Anthem or their healthcare provider, after which the company will contact them to make an appointment, Wilson said. Otherwise, members can use apps available for download on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Users can use the app to schedule appointments to speak with clinicians and communicate with a chatbot named Alfie. Members determine goals through conversation and are directed to support based on their individual needs. You can then receive ongoing care through therapy sessions, medication administration, exercise, reading and other resources.

“Each member’s care journey is customized and designed to meet their needs using a variety of evidence-based practices,” Wilson said.

According to Confidant’s, the chatbot was built over two years by a group of technologists, epidemiologists, health economists, behavioral health providers, patient advocates, drug users and families. website.

Other companies in the addiction treatment and mental health space include Workit Health, Bicycle Health, Boulder Care and Quit Genius. But Wilson argued that Confidant Health differs in that it appeals more broadly to those struggling with mental health and those seeking to improve their overall quality of life.

“Confidant Health meets all members on their journey, whether they suspect things could get better or are seeking help with an addiction or mental illness,” Wilson said. says.

The partnership has started with members with opioid use disorders, but Wilson said the goal is to expand to other members in the future.

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