UVA School of Education Offers Parents Tips for Transitioning to School

Charlotteville, Virginia (WVIR) – Transitioning to another grade level can be difficult for some students.

Researchers at the University of Virginia looked at children from pre-kindergarten through fourth grade. Each child was from a low-income community, a community of color, or he was learning two languages.

Researchers believe that what makes the transition to school more difficult is the structure of the day, which is very different for each grade level.

Additionally, many pre-kindergarten students have strong attachments to their teachers.

“So the school gives children the opportunity to meet their teachers, see their new surroundings, get a feel for what their routines will be like, get a sense of who the people are and help them out.” UVA School of Education’s Jenny Vitiello said:

Researchers say that even if children struggle in the initial transition, by the end of the year they will be resilient and able to get along well with peers and teachers.

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