The science behind autumn colors

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — More and more leaves are changing color. Meteorologist Scott Mundt knows the science behind change.

You may have to look closely, but the KELOLAND tree has color variations.

The scenery looks different. Glance at some of the trees and you’ll notice the leaves are starting to change color. Here is the content of the color change.

During the growing season, water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide all combine to nourish the leaves and trap the green pigment.

As autumn transitions, the sun angle drops and the cells at the base of the leaves stop carrying fluid. This traps the sugar in the leaves, which eventually changes the color of the leaves.

Of course, drought affects the timing of leaf change and the vibrancy of leaf color. It looks great, but eventually the changing colors of the leaves fall to the ground and make you think about the next season, winter. But let’s put that on hold for now and enjoy what fall has to offer.

Now that the leaves are changing, cooler weather is arriving by the middle of the week, and it can even feel like fall.

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