The RealReal’s latest upcycled recollection celebrates the joy of making – WWD

RealReal’s design streak hasn’t lost its edge, as evidenced by the latest Recollection released this week.

As with previous releases, the latest edition ReCollection 04 entitled “The Joy of Making and Creation” is designed and manufactured entirely in-house and features 90 pieces across styles (up from 83 in the previous collection). It has become. The brand-agnostic upcycled collection includes clothes ranging in size from XS to XXXL, priced from $140 to $560, and his three accessories. Available online and at The RealReal’s Soho store starting Tuesday.

Noelle Sciacca, senior women’s fashion lead at The RealReal, said the collection speaks to the rise of demi-couture and handcrafting techniques that are becoming increasingly relevant in sustainability.

“It was challenging to work with pieces that were too damaged,” she told WWD. The results included seasonal pieces such as crop tops and two-tone pants, many of which were reworked over several weeks from traditional menswear pieces. She called it “the antithesis of fast fashion” given the amount of time and craftsmanship that went into changing the clothes.

Sciacca said customers will want to use the online “zoom in” feature to get a feel for the detailed overhaul of the entire collection. The collection includes kitsch graphic his patchwork, grunge safety pin detailing, Victorian-era embroidery and closure techniques all meant to celebrate the damaged part.

Asked if any of her major home cities will have a ReCollection fashion show soon, Sciacca said she wasn’t without questions. “We don’t have plans for that yet, but we definitely don’t count anything. I have.”

The project boasts of upcycling chops, but its collection of 90 repurposed items pales in comparison to the roughly 10,000 new items added to The RealReal every day.

“These are non-living items on their own,” Sciacca repeated. “These aren’t things that need to be tucked down at the hem or loose buttons. I couldn’t list them ‘as is’.” [The collection] It’s very small compared to 10,000, but considering it could otherwise be dead, now’s your chance to breathe new life into it. ”

She called The RealReal’s Recollection effort a broader brushstroke for system change, and her colleague James Rogers, Sustainability Director at The RealReal, agreed.

“It was our intention to show how unnecessary it is. [waste] It’s about testing and proving the power of upcycling,” he said. “This in-house collection is our largest to date, almost double the size of ReCollection 01. We can proudly say that this is the most positive impact ReCollection has had on getting items out of landfill and into circulation. ”

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