Sister Wives’ Robin Brown’s biggest fashion and makeup blunders ranked

Robin Brown has been on Sister Wives for over a decade, and has had many memorable fashion and makeup mishaps along the way.

Robin Brown has drawn a lot of criticism sister wives A fan of her character on the show, but her fashion and makeup skills are also lacking. She leaves her style much to be desired, and fans are eager to take a look back at some of her worst fashion crimes.

sister wives In Season 16, Robin again favored Cody Brown over his other three wives, as he spent most of his quarantine during the pandemic at her home. When Kristin Brown and Kody’s marriage finally hit a breaking point, many fans felt Robin tried to make it about her and inserted himself into the drama. She also came under attack when she revealed that she and Cody had hired a nanny despite having adult children. Fans were shocked because her other wife wasn’t given that option.

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Robin is nicknamed “Sobbin’ Robyn”. sister wives She first started crying during confessional interviews and family discussions. I’m here. Fans have complimented Christine’s glow on her social media, but Robin’s poor makeup and fashion choices have led to more critical comments.

3. Drawn eyebrows

First appearance of Robin sister wives, She had a fresh, natural look. Reality Through her 16 seasons of her series, Robin’s eyebrows have received a fair amount of attention from fans, discussing the evolution in her own Reddit thread. Her heavy makeup in the photo and her penciled-in eyebrows are one of her worst makeup blunders.

2. Too busy top farmer

Kodi and Robin’s outfits couldn’t have been more clashing when they tried it on in this photo.Their frowns probably represent everyone watching them. sister wivesRobin’s boldly patterned top has floral prints and geometric shapes that don’t complement Kodi’s plaid. The colors in this photo are still the worst.

1. Double up on your shirt

in one of the early seasons of sister wives, Robin showcased her worst fashion blunder.She wore a black long-sleeved shirt under an ugly patterned blue top. take the style of sister wives Season 17.

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