Sinkhole science and other underwater research

A mysterious sinkhole discovered 20 years ago in northern Lake Huron has drawn researchers from around the world trying to understand its origins and science.

Great Lakes Now wrote about the research in their article “Ancient Analog: What Can Lake Huron’s Cyanobacteria Tell Us About Earth’s Past and Other Planets?” This segment got you there:

Producer David J. Ruck shot the video. He’s now back with another underwater expedition for Great Lakes Not’s monthly program.

Luck boarded a research vessel with a scientist mapping the bottom of every lake. They use advanced technology to observe in detail only what is there.

Here’s that segment from episode 2209 “Finder, Keeper”:

Catch more news at Great Lakes Now:

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Featured Image: Episode 1010 Sinkhole Aerial (Photo by David Ruck)

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