Science Projects in Florida and Oklahoma

As is often the case, we have made very good progress on a big project since last week.this In a small city in central Florida, roughly halfway across the state from Tampa, we have an unprecedented number of funded early grade teachers. She’s looking for books and lab kits on plants, insects, growing crystals, and more.

Project #1

plan: never stop asking questions

Means: Help bring new and exciting real-life science experiences to your students in your classroom with the Discovery Kit.

Economic need: Ann Equity Focus School;nEarly admission of all students from low-income households.

position: Janie Howard Wilson Elementary School, Lake Wales, Florida

total: $355.81

Still Needed: $146.99 $96.99

Comment from Dr. Williams:

my project: My students are just starting their teaching careers and are excited about everything they are learning. In our classroom, we strive to be lifelong learners. These amazing scientific discoveries will get you involved in real life strategies.

Never stop asking questions!

This is our motto, and by embracing this, our classes will be enriched with each activity we complete, from growing our own vegetables to learning a new culture through hands-on activities. can be obtained.

With your help, students can not only watch their plant’s root system grow, but also identify beneficial insects on each leaf.

A donation of any size can make a big difference!

One of the requested resources is a lab kit for germinating seeds and watching them grow in see-through growth media. As it happens, I love time-lapses of seed germination cross-sections. This is a kidney bean.

The pea vine shows how the rolling motion of the vine works when support is available.

Bonus: 3 baby oak trees that take a long time to sprout from acorns!

Thank you Eastern Boulevard for finding this new project! Mrs. Hastings is the most funded middle school science teacher ever in the small town of Idabel in Choctaw Nation in the southeast corner of Oklahoma. . She enlists the help of her double matching her funds from anonymous donors.

Project #2

plan: scientist in the making

Means: Give your students microscopes and slides for a hands-on experience in the science lab!

Economic need: Ann Equity Focus School;nEarly admission of all students from low-income households.

position: Idabel Middle School, Idabel, Oklahoma

total: $690.91 (from 2x matching funds anonymous funder)

Still Needed: $540.91 $320.91 ($161 from us)

Comments from teachers Mrs. Hastings:

my project: All my students are unique individuals and learn best in unique ways. Like many adults, my students learn best through hands-on experience. These materials give my students that opportunity to further their knowledge of the scientific world around them.Project-based learning is central to my science classes. Science should be comprehensive and fun!

All students must be able to question and explore the possibilities of the world around them.

These materials encourage students to think outside the box. It also helps students immerse themselves in learning. Encourage future scientists to love learning and do amazing things in life.

A donation of any size can make a big difference!

This is a quick overview of one of the requested items, the microscope kit.

One piece of the kit is a brine shrimp egg. Brine shrimp have long been sold as “sea monkeys”, but until I saw this video, I had no idea that the shady salesman who thought so was a clan-adjacent white supremacist. !


Last week’s major projects were mostly completed by our readers!

project #1, Just a few scientists and no resources…safety first?…oh boy: Ms. Monday teaches geoscience at a middle school in Georgia. S.He wanted to do some experiments with his students, but lacked safety equipment and experiment materials.

she writes: Thank you for your generosity!

This year, there are many STEAM-focused lab activities that can be done “safely”. It can also be augmented and corrected with other contributed materials.

2022-2023 will be filled with safe scientists in the Miss Monday class.

DonorsChoose developed specifications Equity Focus School explain some The school submitting the project. they Meets two criteria: At least 50% of students are Black, Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander, or Multiethnic, and at least 50% of students meet the standards of the school’s financial needs Eligible for free or discounted lunch, which is a reasonable measure. You can read more about our efforts to address long-standing inequalities in education at the link.
Small Size DNA Molecules - Pagination for Inoculation Projects

Founded in 2009, inoculation project By funding science, math and literacy projects in red state public school classrooms and libraries, we are countering anti-science and anti-education movements in conservative America.our conduit is DonorsChoose is a crowdfunding charity founded in 2000 and highly rated by both. Charity Navigator and Better Business Bureau.

every sundaywe focus on helping to fund projects for neighborhood public A school with an overwhelming number of students from low-income households. We welcome everyone to support public school education — no money needed!

Finally, here is the list of successfully funded projects.The total for the series is 989! The Success List Diary also contains links and additional information about DonorsChoose.

Starfish on the beach with caption: It made a difference.

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