NYFW partner of Harlem’s Fashion Row and LVMH

For New York Fashion Week, Harlem’s Fashion Row partnered with Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) to showcase three color designers. Commemorating HFR’s 15th anniversary, the collaboration to create opportunities for a new generation of talent is the result of his HFR’s new partnership with LVMH.

Up-and-coming designers Clarence Ruth, Jonathan Hayden and Nicole Bennefield take the spotlight on LVMH’s celebration runway on September 6th. Learn more about selected talents below.

Nicole Benefield expertly elevates casual wear by creating dramatic silhouettes and textures in a grounded color palette. Designers who produce in small batches are committed to slow fashion.Preferring timeless styles to fads, Benefield leads in the spirit of “emotion over trends.”

Contemporary womenswear designer Jonathan Hayden draws inspiration from fashion-loving women in STEM to create sophisticated, fresh and modern clothing. For a user whose motto is ‘brain over body’, Hayden’s designs reflect meticulous attention to her user experience and are made with a particularly clean and sustainable approach.

Founder of menswear brand Cotte D’Armes, Clarence Ruth brings his background as a fashion model and artist to the creation of dynamic denim pieces. Ruth, who previously created artwork for the Polk Museum and the Museum of Africa, has previously worked on visuals for brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, and John He Barbatos.

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