New agency plans to change the traditional digital marketing and public relations game during formal launch

Co-Founder Leong Seng Tat, Founder Celia Teoh, Co-Founder Alan Voon

Teresa Lim, owner of Sister Crispy Popiah, Mr. Alvin, president of Sense, Celia, founder of Baby Organics, and Alan Boone, president of Vinfluenz.

Man Fook Representative Ms Eleen, LA Chicken Managing Director Tan Pei Ling, Kath & Belle Representative Ms. Umi, Vinfluenzz Representative Alan Voon

I know the pain of spending so much on marketing, but the results have failed. This prompted me to embark on a journey to find the right formula for success to solve small business problems. ”

— Celia Teoh, founder of Vinfluenzz, and Baby Organix

PETALING JAYA, SELANGOR, MALAYSIA, Aug. 19, 2022 / — Vinfluenzz Sdn Bhd was founded by Celia Teoh with Alan Voon, Founder and Managing Director of Warrants Capital Group of Companies was co-founded by Leong Seng Tat of Chua Wee Lee, Director of Weeth Wolves Sdn Bhd and Director of M Gas Steel Sdn Bhd said:

“As a brand owner myself, I know the pain of spending so much on marketing and not getting results. ​​We need to look for a suitable success formula to solve.” Launching Ceremony.

The event began with speeches by founder Celia and co-founder Sentat, followed by an opening ceremony and the signing of memorandums of understanding with six brands and e-commerce trainers. Six brands – Baby Organix, LA Chicken, Man Fook, Sister Crispy Popiah, Kath & Belle and Sens – were confident of signing a deal with Vinfluenzz but faced similar challenges as Baby Organix .

Vinfluenzz has committed to building sustainable partnerships with brands and has launched a community-based package to lower the barriers to entry for small businesses. This was followed by a knowledge sharing session by his famous TikTok trainer Jamie Thoo, which ended with a networking session.
Also known as Vinfluenzz’s Vinzz Business Club, this community-based package program was launched with the aim of helping Malaysian SME brands prepare for export through branding, marketing, advertising and public relations.

“We have found that many Malaysian SMEs have excellent products. said Alan, co-founder of Vinfluenzz. “PR agencies in the market have big appetites and he mostly charges six figures for services that are primarily targeted at large companies and publicly traded companies.

Most SMEs don’t have this kind of budget for marketing and PR exercises. What we offer is lowering the barriers to entry for these brands to tell their stories to the market. We want to build sustainable partnerships with these brands and help them grow their business. I think,” Seng Tat replied when asked why he founded the Vinzz Business Club.

The launch was a huge success with the support of gang friends and networks. Carol Fung, senior her manager at MDEC, was also present to support the founder. Vinfluenzz is a one-stop marketing and PR solution provider for SMEs. Vinfluenzz – affordable media.

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