New academy will teach digital skills to 1,000 people by 2025

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A Manchester-based investment platform is launching an all-new academy to train 1,000 digital skills over the next three years.

Fearless Adventures’ Fearless Academy, founded by former Social Chain co-founder Dominic McGregor with David Newns and Charlie Yates, will launch its first bootcamp in September.

Develop, mentor and develop people looking to retrain and upskill in all areas of digital.

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Bootcamp specializations include SEO, PPC, graphic design, web development, and more.

The instructors are all seasoned marketing professionals from Fearless Adventures who have supported various high-growth global brands such as THG, Unilever, E!, Aldi, Logitech, and Superdry.

The Fearless Adventures talent team, led by Alex Hayes, will also help students find employment after completing the 12-week course.

From helping them prepare for interviews to hosting career days where students can network with potential employers, they welcome their employment prospects.

The co-founders of Fearless Academy have spent the last 20 years at the forefront of the digital marketing industry, building and scaling global businesses such as Manchester-headquartered Social Chain and Liverpool-based Neldia.

“Life after Social Chain” – Dominic McGregor

Both McGregor and Newns took different paths to business success. The former dropped out of college and the latter bypassed college to found and grow a digitally driven global company.

Today, they not only have a large network of professionals looking for talent, they also source talent for their investments on their venture capital platform, Fearless Adventures.

McGregor explains: But now more than ever, sourcing the right talent is becoming one of the biggest problems companies face. The real skill gap of a digital marketing professional is always widening. Our mission is to reverse this trend by upskilling the next generation of ambitious talent. ”

Fearless Adventures is a new kind of venture capital platform that not only injects capital into the D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) businesses it invests in, but also supports them with best-in-class digital marketing and top-flight digital talent. . they scale.

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