Nebraska School Board Members Warn Families About Microschooling

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LINCOLN, Nebraska (KLKN) — Members of the Nebraska Board of Education share their warnings as microschooling becomes more common.

It is often described as an evolution of homeschooling, where families band together to continue educating their children away from traditional educational institutions.

After being fed up with COVID-19 restrictions and closures, parents and teachers are increasingly turning to alternatives during this pandemic.

School board member Deborah Neary says she received calls from parents who learned too late that many colleges would not accept some microschool students.

she Posted A family member learned on social media that credits will not carry over from Nebraska schools that are not approved or accredited.

The charity program, National School Choice Week, has a list of requirements to keep in mind when creating your own microschool or enrolling your child in an existing microschool.

This includes getting your child formally expelled from public school so that it is not marked as truant, subjects that need to be included, and other helpful resources.

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