Monkeypox vaccine supply pain eases, federal public health officials say

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Concerns about the supply of the monkeypox vaccine appear to have eased after federal public health agencies rushed to obtain an initial sufficient injection.

The Biden administration has worked in recent weeks to increase vaccine supplies, delivering more than one million vials to jurisdictions so far, which “reaches the entire population most at risk.” It’s almost enough to do,” said HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra during a call with reporters on Tuesday.

HHS announced Monday that it will provide approximately $11 million to support the first U.S.-based production effort to manufacture the Jynneos vaccine at its Grand Rapids, Michigan facility.

The FDA has approved Jynneos shots for intradermal administration. This method requires only one-fifth of the usual dose and is equally effective, according to the agency.

But the vaccine’s developer, Bavarian Nordic, has expressed concerns about the method, citing a lack of data and evidence about its efficacy.

About 75% of jurisdictions that have been vaccinated use intradermal administration, said Bob Fenton, the White House’s monkeypox response coordinator, in a call Tuesday.

The Biden administration declared a federal public health emergency for monkeypox on Aug. 4 amid the outbreak of the virus spreading into the country’s pockets.

As part of the current vaccine distribution plan, authorities are now targeting local health sectors to help set up vaccine clinics at Labor Day events, which are expected to draw large crowds from at-risk groups. doing.

Events planning to host vaccine clinics include the Southern Decadence Festival in New Orleans, the Black Pride Festival in Atlanta and two festivals in Oakland, Calif., officials said Tuesday.

So far, the virus has spread mainly among men who have sex with men.

HHS will also launch small-scale community-based vaccine initiatives by offering health departments a shot to reach at-risk populations who currently face barriers to getting vaccinated. officials said Tuesday.

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