Meghan Markle’s Lindsay Peoples cut September 2022 cover

Start by looking for people in the public sphere who are exercising the power they have in a purposeful and thoughtful way when it comes to talking about who they want in matters of fall fashion in the cut. is not just what is posted on these pages and sites. It is for the reader to feel seen and heard, to hear from the women and women who speak to them, those who are against the grain and unapologetically determined to live their truth regardless of the consequences. Space.

So who better to describe this fall than Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Megan Thee Stallion? But they both stand tall.

As Alison P. Davis reveals in her intimate profile, I have long admired Meghan Markle and the resilience she has shown despite the almost unimaginable pressures she has been under. Presenting Duchess Meghan here in contemporary, approachable, stately fashion shows that she is a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter and a human being. , was a considered choice to show a real person who faced huge and often racist public violence. Photographer Campbell Addy is ready for a fresh start We’re capturing it in our new podcast. archetype, and Archwell’s ambitious plans, a foundation she shares with her husband Harry.

megan thee stallion new album Trauma Zine, Frankly, it left no crumbs. That’s the definition of turning pain into the most authentic art. She admits that she feels she’s not protected as a black woman, and in real time, she’s labeled “nice” instead of “angry black woman.” It seems to be learning the cliché of being stuck. As she told our contributor Ashley C. Ford, she turned into a good person. Vivienne photographed Megan in the fall’s most exciting fashions, including her Westwood corset dress, Newcomer GmbH wool coat with fur collar, Tom Her Ford dress, and Balenciaga coat. , and ratchet. No one better embodies sexiness than Megan Thee Stallion. Her lyrics have become her life mantra.

Meghan and Meghan, both powerful and vulnerable, royalty in their own right, trying to find success on their own terms. . It’s easy to sink under a barrage of opinions and criticisms. But strength comes from finding solid ground, planting roots, and trying to grow beyond the noise.

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