Laura Weiss Honors Rep. Frank Lucas as 2022 ‘Champion of Science’

The two universities sponsored Lucas as a token of his dedication and leadership, resulting in significant support and significant funding increases to enable research universities to make significant contributions to cutting-edge technology and innovation. became.

During his time as chairman of the Commission, Lucas has led numerous legislations that invest in the country’s STEM talent and innovation. Lucas has promoted more than 40 of his Congress-sponsored scientific research and innovation bills over the past three years.

As the only land-funded university in Pennsylvania, research is an important part of Penn State University’s mission. Lucas-sponsored legislation and policies helped further the Commonwealth’s commitment to providing education, research, and services to Pennsylvania communities.

The funding provided by that law gives institutions like Pennsylvania State University the opportunity to develop more technologies and innovations to tackle some of the world’s greatest scientific challenges.

In addition, specializing in Penn State’s mission, Lucas served as chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, which passed the 2014 Farm Bill and raised $400, despite calls to cut farm bill spending. led the fight against COVID-19, where Pennsylvania State University students and faculty worked. We jointly develop and deploy new products for healthcare professionals and hospitals.

Since 1999, the Champion of Science Award has recognized 109 members of Congress for their efforts to secure federal funding for important scientific research efforts. The Science Coalition selects winners based on voting records, bill sponsorship, and letters of support, among other factors.

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