Jill Fescher on Podcasting and Agency Business Development

Jill Fetcher

In Part 1, we learned about Jill Fecher, Chief Growth Officer at Cypress North. She learned about her past background in marketing, why she joined Cypress Her North, her job there, the importance of titles and descriptions. Part 2 discusses the importance of podcasting to agencies and business development at agencies.

(0:00) Agency Podcasting:

Jill explained that Marketing O’Clock took time to see the metrics and that he’s been experiencing this with a new podcast named Agency O’Clock. She explained that the payoff of the podcast is a creative means of discussing something that might go nowhere in her work. But now it’s her outlet and that’s great.

She may also email prospects and customers with episodes that she finds relevant or useful in conversations with prospects and customers. As I explained, when that prospect or client emails you without knowing that you wrote or recorded that article or podcast, you know you created it.

It’s hard to track conversions with these podcast efforts, but I know they get leads from there. They will learn a lot from it and make them and the community happy.

(6:30) Agency Business Development:

Next, we talked about the difference between doing business development at a traditional agency and a digital marketing agency. She said it was very different from traditional agencies, selling something more creative or subjective, so her efforts were more relationship-based. She was constantly building new relationships, nurturing old ones, and participating in RFPs to pitch. Now she doesn’t actually do her RFP most of the time. But her goal was to build a relationship so good that an RFP wasn’t necessary.

At a digital marketing agency, she doesn’t really do RFPs, relationships are based on performance. So her new clients come from people who have used the service before and know they can see the version, know what the ROI will be, how many leads they will get, etc.

They know they can deliver with a digital marketing agency, but with a traditional agency, it would have mattered if they got a newspaper insert or a TV spot, but it’s hard to track if they were converted. or was not possible.

Then we talked a little more about the topic of tracking and analytics on traditional advertising and how much of a joke it was. It is I suspect one day we’ll go back to being unable to track anything.

Traditional agencies focus on ‘industry knowledge’ and it is very important to specialize in a particular industry. That doesn’t apply to digital marketing agencies, she said, it’s all about goals.

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