Hyperlink Africa Ghanaian CEO Bright Tenbil Offers Free Digital Marketing Training to 5,000 Youths

Bright Tenbil, the young Ghanaian CEO of a brand called Hyperlink Africa, has embarked on a project to teach 5,000 young people the art of digital marketing.

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an ambitious gentleman speaks YEN.com.gh The main reason his startup decided to take on the life-changing marathon is because he believes there are endless possibilities in the digital marketing sector.

In his own words:

“We believe that the new future world of work is digital and that young people can explore marketing because there are enormous opportunities for Africa’s growing population.”

Hyperlink Africa CEO Bright Tenbil talks about his project.
Hyperlink Africa CEO Bright Tenbil talks about his project. Photo credit: Bright Tenbil via WhatsApp
Source: UGC

So far, the project, called Africa Digital Marketing (ADM), has trained around 200 young people, with participants from Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Zambia, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

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The next enlightening session was the 3rd Campus Tour to equip students with digital marketing skills held at the University of Ghana, a leading university in Ghana, on Saturday 6th August 2022.

Facilitators include Bright Tenbil. Edward Asare, CEO of Hyperlink Africa. UBA Digital his marketer, Rahman A. Latif. Muhammida El Muhajir, Digital Marketer at MTN Ghana. Ameyaw Debrah, Digital Strategist at Waxprint Media Africa. Award-winning blogger and Victoria Modi. Digital Marketer at Indigo Advertising and Marketing.

ADM curator Bright Tenbil added:

“We need more young people to explore the benefits of the digital world of work. There are so many companies looking for skilled talent in the digital marketing space. I will also contact you for job placement.”

Digital marketers say social media could easily turn the world into a global village

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as YEN.com.gh It is also reported that social media has become a large part of our society, greatly facilitating access to information, goods and services.

Talking to Edward Asare, Digital Marketer at UBA Ghana Limited about the future of social media and its impact on our society, he made some good points.

According to him, the way things are going, social media is getting bigger every year.

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Source: YEN.com.gh

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