Hands-on Science Showdown Sept. 14 with Free Interactive Field Trips | Events of Local Interest

At the Hands On Science Showdown, science educators from across the country join local organizations to bring their favorite science and maker demonstrations and activities to hundreds of students in the Pittsburgh area.

This unique program takes place on Wednesday, September 14th from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm at the Rachel Carson Bridge on Ninth Avenue.

The ASTC Annual Conference will be held from September 11th to 15th this year at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center and is attended by many organizations.

The conference itself is co-hosted by the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Science Center.

It has been in the making for years with delays due to the pandemic.

The event features hands-on demonstrations by leading educators and local organizations, including making steamroller prints, tearing down electronics, and seeing STEAM-based activities up close. Hundreds of students from grade 2 to her grade 8 are enrolled.

Jane Warner, executive director of the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, said: “At one of Pittsburgh’s three sister bridges, one of Pittsburgh’s most iconic locations, conference attendees and local organizations aim to transform education by demonstrating brilliant scientific concepts and interacting with local students. Inside, we can bring all these resources together.”

This is a free field trip and learning experience. Teachers/schools should reserve a place at www.pittsburghkids.org/handsonscienceshowdown.

The event is open to the public, with local food trucks offering a variety of lunch options.

said Jason Brown, Jr. Director of the Carnegie Science Center and Vice President of the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh. “One of the reasons why the Science Center is so excited to co-host this conference is to build stronger communities, provide equitable access to educational and professional opportunities, and inspire hope and optimism. Because we share a common and articulated desire to bring about a better future.”

Pittsburgh-based Squonk presents Hand to Hand, “a humorous, uplifting visual extravaganza driven by Squonk’s upbeat music.” The show features his two giant purple puppet hands, each the size of a house and rigged like a sailing ship. Audiences are invited to power giant fingers while Squonk’s musicians create a melodic madness.

Jackie Dempsey, Squonk’s co-artistic director, said: “As part of a squonk performance and demonstration, students will work with the world’s largest puppet hand puppet! Driven by and collaborative with the community.”

In addition to the participants, the organizers would like to thank the sponsors of the event. Richard King Mellon FoundationPNC, Grable Foundation, PPG, Alco Parking, The Rangos Family Foundation, and media sponsor SLB Radio Productions.

For more information, please visit www.pittsburghkids.org/handsonscienceshowdown.

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