FUSION22 Conference: Coming to London’s Science Museum

  • FUSION22 takes place on Tuesday 18th October at the Science Museum in London.
  • The world’s first international conference of its kind showcases the goals and vision of the international fusion community
  • Attendees can join virtually or in person and choose from a wide range of panel sessions and keynotes.Anyone can register at fusioniscoming.com
  • Nuclear fusion promises safe, sustainable, low-carbon energy for future generations

A new international conference at the Science Museum in London will showcase the goals and vision of the global fusion community.

FUSION22 explores the exciting developments in nuclear fusion that could lead to near limitless low carbon energy in the future. It also addresses the challenges facing the industry and accelerates the pace of development.

The hybrid event on Tuesday, October 18th will feature a variety of thought-provoking panel sessions and keynotes, including:

  • Where does FUSION fit in? What does the future of global energy supply look like and what problems does fusion solve?
  • Fusion Needs: What are the challenges faced in realizing fusion on the grid, and how can these be overcome?
  • Where else will FUSION technology be used? Where other than energy could fusion technology have the greatest impact?
  • How can we ensure that FUSION works for everyone? What can we do to ensure that the benefits of fusion energy act as a ‘force for good’ in the world? Is not it?
  • How will FUSION be funded? What public and private money will it take to successfully bring fusion to market?

Professor Ian Chapman, Chief Executive of the UK Atomic Energy Agency, said:

“We are thrilled to introduce FUSION22 to our iconic science museum this October. It’s a unique opportunity to hear the voices of those working to get it on the grid.

“It has never been clearer that change is needed to protect the planet for future generations, and fusion energy has so many possibilities. It’s also one of the biggest scientific and engineering challenges in. FUSION22 unites us to meet these challenges head-on.

FUSION22 is organized by the UKAEA and the founding partners of the UK Fusion Cluster. Confirmed speakers are:

  • Scott Hsu, Senior Advisor and Chief Fusion Coordinator, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Dennis White, Director, Center for Plasma Science & Fusion, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Heike Freund, Chief Operating Officer of Marvel Fusion, said:
  • Tony Donné, Program Manager, EUROfusion
  • R. David Edelman, Chief Policy & Global Affairs Officer, TAE Technologies, Inc.
  • Carly Anderson, Partner, Prime Movers Lab

Virtual events are open to everyone, so physical locations are limited. We are currently accepting registrations for both at fusioniscoming.com.

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