fashion designer and mushroom man

Written by Yifat Puridan

This won’t be another lecture on the environmental benefits of slow fashion, but I’ll tell you why you should buy mushrooms at the farmers market…

Working with a small, independent designer can be inflexible and take your stress levels to new heights, but it makes you feel like you’re wearing clothes that make sense and make us, yeah, me. It’s worth it because it makes us important. There is no doubt that the designer’s energy is reflected in the clothes. Every seam is intentional, the inspiration for every piece, a study of fabrics and fit.

It’s like the mushroom seller at the farmer’s market. He loves to talk about his mushrooms, he talks about what they can do, which mushrooms are suitable for cooking, and which mushrooms can be eaten raw. The respect for mushrooms can be seen from how they are packed in paper bags. I’ve raised him since he was a baby, so there are times when I want to say, “Okay, give it to me. I’ll take good care of him.”

How does it work in practice?

OK, let’s call it summer. While you’re at the beach, designers are sketching, removing, talking to fabric producers, choosing zippers and laces. Yes, like Project Runway. Finally, a collection is born. A perfect sample of each style he will send one to be photographed. A collection can have several different groups based on color, fabric, or style (depending on the size of the collection), but should be a coherent collection with a designer thumbprint.

We are now at the end of summer. It’s fashion week. Boutiques travel and shop all over the world. We meet with our designers in designated showrooms and our models are always too skinny… We shop just like you: touch fabrics, check fit, turn models inside out, shop in boutiques. Visualize how it fits your look. ’ and think about all the questions you are going to ask us (“How do you wash it?” hahaha). we have to be very sensitive. like mushrooms.

The order determines the final offering of the collection. Naturally, some items will be dropped off if there are not enough orders. We know early this fall that designers will have to purchase the right amount of fabric based on the order for each piece. You can We call it “cut to order”. Therefore, it is almost impossible to reorder after it is sold out.

NY77 Design Photo by Lili The First

Fall 2022 Collection

Last week we brought one of our favorite designers, NY77 Design, to the boutique. Alec has just returned from Ukraine and is sewing uniforms for Ukrainian soldiers. With each coat he prayed for the safety of the man who wore it, he also drew inspiration for his next collection.

In his fall collection, one group is based on the Brooklyn Bridge. The print was reborn from a photo I took while walking around NY on a rainy night. Another group is based on new Japanese innovations in the embroidery scene. In addition to embroidering 10 times the area of ​​conventional machines, it is also possible to embroider at different heights. True 3D!

And this is why I love mushroom guys!

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