eBusiness UK impresses optician with digital marketing success

Blackburn-based eBusiness UK has so quickly impressed new clients that its digital marketing contract has already been extended five times in a few months.

The digital marketing and web development agency launched a search engine optimization campaign earlier this year with Optical Revolution, an optician with five clinics in the Southeast. The initial contract has already been increased several times to include digital advertising and website restructuring and maintenance.

Optical Revolution services include eye exams, glasses, contact lenses and myopia management. These eye exams use 3D OCT technology, the most advanced and accurate instrument in the field.

Optical Revolutions stands out in the industry by offering these tests at no extra charge, believing that everyone deserves to benefit from early detection and prevention of eye problems. Beyond serving its own customers, the company works with his NHS to help handle the workload of healthcare organizations.

Founded ten years ago, Optical Revolution operates sites in Catford, Colchester, Eastbourne, Haywards Heath and South Shields and is poised to expand further in the coming years.

Part of this growth plan includes investing in a new website featuring upgrades such as an online booking system, and adopting eBusiness UK to increase its online presence.

The two began working together in February of this year on a 30-keyword search engine optimization campaign supporting one branch. By the end of the month, Optical Revolution was so impressed with his eBusiness UK performance that he doubled the size of the order to add two branches.

Just a few months later, Optical Revolution called on eBusiness UK to run a pay-per-click digital advertising campaign, further expanded its SEO campaign, asked the team to redevelop its website, and conducted regular website redevelopment. Handed over maintenance.

Masahide Doi of Optical Revolution said:

“So far, eBusiness UK has been the perfect partner for us. They are family owned and this is evident from the way they have worked with us. really understood what we wanted to achieve and thoughtfully and generously brought us ideas.

“Just as this is the beginning of a new period in our company’s growth, we see our cooperation with eBusiness UK as just the beginning of a long-term relationship that we will work and grow together for many years to come. increase.”

Latif Kothia, Director of Operations, eBusiness UK, said: They are an inspirational business, identifying what they want to achieve and being confident in how to get there.

“We are proud that they have chosen us as their digital marketing partner and that our relationship has been so positive and successful. We look forward to a long-term partnership for our two businesses.”

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