BTech in Data Science or Computer Science? Experts explain similarities, differences and job prospects

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Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) Data Science or Computer Science? One is the credible engineering field, the other is relatively new and in high demand. Both have some overlap regarding course structure, but are equally different.

A quick overview of how the disciplines came to be and what they have to offer:

trace the origin

Experts consider computer science to be the parent field of data science.

“If you trace the evolution of computer science, the focus was initially on computing and algorithms. Data was the peripheral. As more and more systems became automated, databases became very important. Data warehousing and data mining emerged in the 1990s,” said Shreekanth M Prabhu, Head of Computer Science and Engineering Department at CMR Institute of Technology.

He added: Versatility, speed, and versatility. ”


So the two courses are somehow related to each other. Computer science degrees focus on software engineering and development, while data science includes arithmetic, statistics, and computer science.

Using machine learning and related approaches, the computational challenges of data science are linked to the algorithmic problems of computer science.

Robin P Mathur, Head of Big Data and Data Science at Lovely Professional University, said: Data scientists offer new ways to sort through the vast amounts of data that traverse network systems and extract usable insights that build on the foundations computer science has created. ”

While some consider the two courses to be very similar, Taruna Gautam, vice-chancellor of the Institute of Integrated Learning Management University, says computer science students can choose to become data science researchers, I was of the opinion that the opposite might not happen.

“Computer science allows students to study all the major subjects that prepare them to be flexible in different areas of engineering. You can also pursue careers in other areas such as interdisciplinary research, full-stack development, IT and electronics,” he added.

job prospects

Despite being a relatively new field, the demand for data science graduates is increasing.

Data Science was named the fastest growing job field in 2017 by LinkedIn. His Glassdoor, a company review site, ranked “data scientist” as one of the best jobs in the US in 2018.

According to a study conducted by IBM, employer demand for both data scientists and data engineers increased by 39% by 2020. According to an AIM survey conducted by Analytics India Magazine, the number of data science or analytics jobs was 30.1 per person. Indian cents increase in Apr 2022 compared to Apr 2021.

“Students who want high salaries can choose a specialization in data science. In such cases, they prefer data science students.The selection process mainly depends on programming skills, communication, and exposure to current trending technology,” said GITAM (Deemed to be University) computer Professor of Science, K Thammi Reddy, pointed out.

The growth of data science does not necessarily mean a decline in demand for computer science, Gautam said, adding: Scratch is where his B.Tech in Computer Science shines as it allows students to understand the development requirements of these platforms, thus enabling them to support daily upgrades and scalability. ”

Data scientists are in demand in insurance, banking, social media, analytics, advertising, and more, while computer science graduates are employed as software developers, software test engineers, quality analysts, web developers, and more.

final choice

Both courses require analytical and problem-solving skills in addition to being detail-oriented.

For those interested in creating and testing software and applications, as well as network security and system design, computer science is the right choice. Students who have a passion for data research and analysis can choose Data Science.

Another option available to students confused between the two is to choose B.Tech Computer Science and specialize in Data Science in their second year of engineering.

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