Brock dominates Ojibwe – DirtFish

“We were completely transparent with Klim. Every step of the way, we were like, ‘This is what we’re doing. If you want to beat us, this is what you should do.’ It was like, he was doing it!”

Unfortunately for Fedov, that off was the end of his rally, opening the second step into the Honda passport of Chris Sladek and John Sharpes on the LN4 podium, where he also finished 8 overall. I got the rank.

4th and 5th overall finished 1st and 2nd in 2WD, with Seamus Burke and Martin Brady leading Michael Hooper and Claudia Barbera.

“We always put up a good fight,” said Martin Brady on the podium. “Mike always keeps us honest. We know he never lags behind us.”

The two teams traded off over the weekend with minor issues, but after a few close calls Hooper stepped back and kept the car and managed the gap well for the rest of the day.

Lucy Bullock, co-driver with Dirtfish’s Michelle Miller, finished sixth overall at Fiesta Rally 3, with Spencer Sherman and Boyd Smith in seventh.

As previously mentioned, Sladek was eighth, and the father-son duo of Nathan and Elliot Oddle were ninth as the final non-Super Rally finishers.

Otherwise, 10th place went to Pat Gruska. Pat Grushka raced the Super Rally after a fire on her SS2 on Friday.

The regional rally was won by a fan-favorite Toyota Rav4 AP4 car driven by Alejandro Perugina and co-drivered by Andrés Bautista.

The pair are still learning the car for their fourth rally, but were impressed with the time they would have placed in the top three nationally if they had been there.

“It was my first race here in Ojibwe, so I really didn’t know what to expect,” Persina said.

“The roads were fast, wet, sandy and unlike anything I’d ridden before, and to be honest, the weekend was really stressful. I was limping and struggling with myself and my car, but today was fun!

“We came here and finished. The car is all straight and I’m happy, but it’s definitely been a hard, long and stressful weekend.”

After Perusina was Ryan George’s BMW M3, about 15 minutes behind. George was the fastest in his 2WD car over 5 minutes with Jordan Harveler and Drew Staples on the podium.

The conclusion of the Ojibwe Forests Rally means the team has only two more chances to score national points. About a month later he’s at the Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally and the Lake Superior Performance Rally that wraps up the season in October.

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