Angels lose to Mariners in unlikely and embarrassing fashion

No one has lost a baseball game like the Los Angeles Angels.

On Monday night, in the ninth inning of the 51-65 Angels vs. Mariners game, both teams were locked in a 2-2 tie, with Seattle star Julio Rodriguez at bat, a runner in the corner and one out. Rodriguez unleashed his drive to the line to second baseman Luis Lengifo. He had chances for a catch and a second out for him, but he ended up with one of the worst defensive sequences ever seen in a baseball diamond.

First, Lengifo dropped the ball. Rodriguez then threw the ball home as Sam Haggerty tried to score, as he was already screaming at the first base line and an unlikely double play. Haggerty appeared to be caught in a rundown until the Angels failed to properly cover his plate at home and allowed the score, giving the Mariners the lead.

In the chaos that followed, Dylan Moore managed to move from 1st to 3rd and beat Throw. All safe, 3-2 Seattle.

Angels fans seen on the air
Angels fans seen on the air

Angels fans were visibly shaken, but the debacle didn’t stop there. The next batter was Thailand France, who dribbled a weak grounder to shortstop Andrew Velázquez. Instead of going for a double play that would have ended the inning, Velázquez tried to get Moore out by throwing home.

The throw was good – had catcher Max Stassi caught the ball, it would have put the runners out. Error, 4-2 Mariners. France was his second and Rodriguez his third as the ball flew into the backstop.

“It doesn’t get any worse here,” said the Angels announcer for Bally Sports.

Incorrect. Misfortune followed from there.

The next batter for the Mariners was Jesse Winker, who hit a ground ball to third base. Jose Rojas swung the ball short, eliminating a chance to throw out when Rodriguez ran home from his third. 5-2 Mariners.

Seattle won 6-2 after JP Crawford scored several hitters later.

Shohei Ohtani leaves the mound
Shohei Ohtani leaves the mound

It was a dismal season in Anaheim despite the team having a generational talent in Shohei Ohtani on their roster.

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