Zero10 X Crosby Studios Coming to NYFW Why Digital Fashion Needs a Phygital Concept Store

AR fashion platform ZERO10 has partnered with physical design experts Crosby Studios on a digital apparel collection and IRL Metaverse concept store that will be appearing in SoHo during New York Fashion Week.

The space showcases a five-piece virtual collection designed by Crosby Studios, which conceptualizes physical interior design using the studio’s signature pixelated prints inspired by the ’90s video game aesthetic. and sold.

Digital collection includes checkered suit, pixel leopard hoodie, and video game pants. Free to fit, share and store in your digital wardrobe within the ZERO10 app. You’ll need to purchase a “light” shirt before you can try it on, and the final piece, the “Disappearing Pants,” is available as a limited edition of his NFT collection that retails for 0.1 ETH (around $160). This technique allows you to experiment with different special effects such as disappearing prints and gradients.

According to ZERO10 CEO George Yashin, the idea behind the space is to “bring the metaverse experience into the physical world and make it more mainstream, combining it with a focus on creation and interaction.”

“Digital fashion doesn’t have to be confined to Web 3.0, it exists only de facto, but it has to live outside of it, in people, around us, in public, on social media, in conceptual space.” he adds.

The main focus is interactivity and community, so guests can experiment with creating content or have bubble tea together in the real world at the on-site Eat Me Milk Me bar.

Visitors to the pop-up fitting room are asked to scan a QR code with an iPhone that leads to the ZERO10 app. They can try on and share digital clothes in real-time via ZERO10’s AR technology or by uploading photos from their iPhone’s camera roll to overlay their creations and share them on social media.

Crosby Studios founder Harry Nuriev also emphasizes the importance of real-world integration. “I love working in the digital realm, but human interaction is important to me, so I translate some of that into the physical world,” he says. “I love experimenting with new outlets while creating spaces that spark conversations around space.”

Crosby Studios is best known for creating design-driven furniture collections presented in immersive VR and AR installations. In 2019, he famously collaborated with Balenciaga on a conceptual sofa in Miami. Nureyev recently added his digital vertical, creating a digital space for brands like Valentino and Nike.

“This project aims to be the next chapter in the rapidly growing emerging digital fashion industry.

He’s right, trends are definitely emerging. In March, digital retailer His DressX was at the forefront, with Parisian retail giant Printemps partnering with him to showcase and sell digital clothing in physical pop-ups. Since then, Philipp Plein launched his web 3.0 concept his store, Asprey launched his Web 3.0 Members club in London and Ferragamo opened his NFT creation booth to celebrate the launch of his SoHo store in New York. was expanded.

The aim is to “attract a new generation of consumers,” Yashin said, evolving the store format to be no longer necessarily about physical product displays.

In the future, we plan to develop a concept to replace the physical store. “We don’t need anything that is included in traditional stores except for OLED screens that create a new consumer shopping experience and reduce service costs for corporate retailers,” he revealed.

The concept is “far more than just trying on”. This will allow brands to “not only experience a new kind of pop-up store, but also expand their in-store sales capabilities.”

The ZERO10 x Crosby Studios pop-up will be held at 138 Worcester Street in New York from September 7-17.register here to secure your time slot. The collection will be available exclusively through the ZERO10 app from September 18th.

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