Why hiring a new Netflix ad exec is bad for Snap

Matt Barash, Senior Vice President of Americas and Global Publishing at Index Exchange, a programmatic advertising platform, has worked closely with Naylor in the past. He said Netflix has a “package deal” with Naylor and Gorman: “You really do have two prominent leaders. Most people probably think he has one announcement. I would have bet on,” he said Barash.

The jump to Netflix shows where the advertising industry is headed, Barash said. His mobile apps are going through a tough time due to privacy changes to ecosystems like Apple and Google his Android. Meanwhile, connected TVs are on the rise. For years, Netflix has resisted the temptation to insert ads into its Premium subscription video platform, but this year it announced it would partner with Microsoft to develop an ad-supported business. Netflix was expected to hire industry luminaries to secure a major marketing budget.

“There is no one better [than Naylor] It’s about stepping into a holding company and starting to build those connections,” Barash said. Naylor said of the connected TV space “to agencies and his CMOs who wanted to be the first to market and definitely one of the hottest new ad services in recent memory.” I can explain.

Naylor entered the advertising industry as a digital ad sales executive for NBCUniversal before leading ad sales for Hulu from 2014 to 2020.

Noah Mallin, chief strategy officer at media and technology company IMGN Media, said: “Peter in many ways justified a snap in the industry’s eye as a platform for advertising, and Jeremy provided stability. To have both is a huge coup.”

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