The Bachelorette Season 19, Episode 7: Fashion Notes

the bachelorette season 19

ABC/Craig Sjodin

The Bachelorette Season 19 has officially started! There was drama and tears already, but there were also controversial fashion moments!

welcome to the week Seven of bachelorette Season 19 brings us two female leads, Gabby Windy and Rachel Recchia! did. very!

After all, welcome to Seventh the week of bachelorette Season 19! All of the above pretty much sums up the entire episode, right?

The good points, the bad points, and the ugly points of fashion are all covered here, so please look forward to it!

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*If you haven’t seen The Bachelorette Season 19, Week 7 yet, be warned, it may contain spoilers!*

Some of the Top Fashionable Women/Men of All Time: Jason and Zach

Some of the most unfashionable men/women of all time: Rachel (Yes. However she)

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